You’re Feeding Your Cat All Wrong!

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The first thing Jackson would tell you if you asked about your cat’s odd behavior? Stop free feeding! Learn how you should be using food as a tool with your cat rather than an all-you-can-eat buffet in this episode.

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  1. Can you help. My cat won’t eat I always feeds her chicken and tuna and she always loved it until this morning she was breeding fast with direya don’t wanna eat anything or drink I live were there isn’t any animal doctor I been feeding her with a sering

  2. I'm trying to switch my cat over from kitten food to Adult food any tips on getting her to eat? She's not eating this first bag.. when is a good time to actually switch the bag to a different kind of food?

  3. Cats that are on a feeding schedule drive me nuts. The constant looking for food and frantic hour before dinner time is just too stressful. My cats get wet food 2x a day and dry in a slow get and it keeps everyone calm and mellow. No one is overweight or has behaviors problems either. It funny how everyone's experiences are so different.

  4. As a child, was allergic to cats. Was always a dog person. Fast forward to my late teens early 20s. Randomly landed a job as a vet tech for a huge corporate type vet, really for the money. Slow exposure ended my allergies and changed my love for cats. Fast forward again. Mid-late 20s. The mister swears, while pooping, he hears animal type noises coming from somewhere…. I come home to see holes everywhere throughout the house. I’m thinking, omg, my dude is going nuts. We climb to the roof, and saw 2 kittens inside the chimney … last hole was made at the base of the chimney and there’s 4 more kittens; I assumed the fell from the roof… Shined a light and they all come crawling out. Ended up caring for and adopting 5 out. Mind you, it was a hard exam to pass. New cat families had to meet my standards and pretty much fill out a resume before I would release the kitten. Anyway, so all but one. After trying, we decided to keep him. He has been the center of our world. We are now 100% cat people. Some call me the crazy cat lady ever since. All the strays and even the ferals know when I pull up, they all coming running. I’ve tried my best to catch/release. Even humanely had a couple euthanized from accidents and proper burials, all out of my very broke pockets… I love them so much. My son is named Giggity. Gigs for short. He is very well behaved… anyways… you’ve changed my and my families opinions on cats! Thank u Jackson!!!

  5. We free feed because we adopted cats with a history of neglect. The fighting and stress stoped the moment we started. They play almost all day and night even though they are past the three year mark.

  6. My cat used to be ''on schedule'' but he would never eat the whole portion I gave him and sometimes he'd just ignore the food completly. Now, I feed him new food everyday but I keep the recommended amount, so I don't just fill the bowl whenever it's empty.

    However I like the idea of using more toy-like things to make your cat ''hunt'' for their food. I already teach him to do tricks for treats and he adores it!

  7. A lot of people are saying they free feed and their cat is fine. That's lucky for you! Many of us are here because we are working around behavioral mysteries. I'm here because I just got a Cat that I can't figure out who is also free-fed. While watching all these videos, working with my anxious, high maintenance persian cat, mentally exhausted…… I imagine there are people who got it easy because some people adopt cats that are already playful and affectionate.

  8. I have two cats, adopted from the same foster, and I free-feed them at first. One is fine but the other one eats so frequently, like every 2 hours, is a little lazy and gets sick a lot (vomiting, diarrhea…). The vet recommended me to change into scheduled feeding to control the quantity and food quality and he is much better now. The stronger cat even has a way to tell me 'it's feeding time' by first meowing at me, second crazily running off playing around, then staying near the food bowl and I'll just pour some foods out for both of them 😀

  9. So am I supposed to put a treat on a string and make the cat chase it? Or bring a baby mouse that can barely walk or open it’s eyes yet and tie it to a string and make the cat chase it?
    I mean… Wtf

  10. You have, comfortably, the most absurd and repulsive aesthetics of any man I've ever seen. You look like a hyper-stylised cliche.
    Seriously, I couldn't be friends with you because all I could think about as you are talking are your ridiculous over-sized earrings, your absurd goatee/beard thing and your shaved head and what sort of bizarre combination of narcissism and overt rebellion one would need to have to look in the mirror at the end of your preening and think, 'Yes, this is how I want to present myself to the world, this is my true self.'

    You look like a rejected version of Stefon on SNL, which was changed because even in a deliberate comedic take down of people of that ilk looking like that is too silly and unrealistic even for, again, a comedic take-down of that cliche… That's how absurd you look.

  11. I feel like most of what you teach about cats makes a lot of sense. But I guess my cat is exceptionally sweet and easy to handle because I don't follow half your rules and she's the sweetest. She knows multiple tricks, always comes when I call for her, wants to cuddle constantly. I can even take her with me to my parents house and let her outside to play with their dogs without having to worry about her walking off or getting into trouble. Compared to other cats she almost has a dog like focus on me.

  12. My cat had given birth to 4 kittens out of which one was undeveloped (had one hand missing) and it died at about 3weeks after birth it had not taken any fluids for about 4 days before it's death and finally after 5 days it lost its life
    And among the other three one is a bit weak and way smaller than the litter
    It also has started to show the signs hasn't eaten much for 2 days and has thinned to bone
    What should I do in this case?
    These are orphaned kittens and were feeding on cow milk+ curds from the 2nd week itself
    And they are now 5 and a half weeks old
    And are feeding on dry food soaked in water (purepet mackerel)
    Please help me I've consulted a vet but they also seem to have not understood the case and advised me that it happens due to the cold weather outside


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