Unusual Cat Behaviors

Unusual Cat Behaviors
Unusual Cat Behaviors
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Unusual Cat Behaviors

Cats may indulge in behaviors that seem to defy logic and mystify mere humans. Unlike you, your cat probably has a reason for everything it does. Each display is a means of expression, and understanding them is an important part of living a happy life with your cat.

Although some behaviors may mesmerize you, either from their sheer cuteness or even absurdity, pay careful attention to what these behaviors say about your cat’s well-being.


Unusual Cat Behaviors
Unusual Cat Behaviors

When cats spend long periods under furniture, in distant bedrooms, or simply out of sight, they may be expressing anxiety or fear.

Cat personalities vary and one of the more common personality types encountered is the timid cat. Timidity may not be measurable on a day-to-day scale but is easily noted when a visitor or new living room furniture arrives.

The best way to deal with a timid cat who otherwise acts content is to leave her alone. Consider her behavior a comforting strategy for coping with life’s little traumas. Allow hiding cats to emerge on their own terms and in their own good time.

Less commonly, a cat may avoid contact with a specific household member. The timid behavior is usually a result of fear. You can easily spook a cat by shouting at her when she climbs up on the kitchen counter. You can unknowingly cause fear by startling her as you shout loudly and gesticulate wildly in front of the TV when your home team is about to lose the Super Bowl.

Some cats are simply more sensitive than others to loud noises or abrupt movement. A fearful reaction may even result from accidental odors such as the scent from a strange cat that you cuddled on your lap when visiting a friend.

To help your cat diminish his timid behavior, associate people with things the cat likes. That way, the cat will eventually learn to trust the humans around him. A spouse or older child, for example, can take over feeding entirely so that your cat makes a positive connection between their presence and his favorite activity.(click the next button to preview the next page)

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