The Ultimate Guide to Owning a New Puppy

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"Whosoever said you can not buy happiness has forgotten the little puppies!"

Bringing a new pup is to welcome a bundle of joy to your home. Puppies are boundless bliss, are not they? If you just bought a puppy home, congratulation on it. However, a pup needs great care, love and attention. You are going to be a parent of that cute pooch. So, surround it with love.

For the first few months, you will be facing a lot of nauseating behaviors of your puppy. It is going to whine, cock, jump, chew, poop on the carpet. Thus, it will need some training. These tricks will be handy during the first few months. During the initial months, you need to focus on its growth and development. Thus, here are some well-researched and fairly predictable tips to handle your pup's development.

Bringing has Pup Home

The Ultimate Guide to Owning a New Puppy | 16 Important Things

Usually, in the first month, your puppy will start your eyes and ears. At the end of the first month it will be able to walk. It will also grow from its cute puppy to an adult dog. As you bring it home, make sure you have everything you need, things like a comfortable dog carrier, blanket, food etc. Take utmost care of your pet as it will be little bit shy because it has been taken away from its mama for the first time. Try to avoid things that will make you feel better and more comfortable. Also, let it get used to the surrounding of your home. Moreover, do not forget to give your puppy a cute name.

Basic Training for New Puppy

In the second month, you'll be able to bark and roam around. As your pup turns 5 weeks old, it will need some basic potty training. It might be some time because it is still a little one. So, be patient with it while you are training your dog. You can start by using baby gates to protect the puppy from going to harmful places or step by step which can hurt it. Remember, never let your puppy left unsupervised. At the end of the second month of your pooch, you can get it vaccinated but make sure to talk with your vet first.

Bonding and Brain Development

Your three months old puppy is now ready for some bonding and training with you. You can get it spayed if it weights at least two pounds. However, it would be great to wait until the end of 5 months because of these conditions. It's time to take your puppy to training classes now. These classes do help dogs to build confidence and improve their skills too. However, a pet's comfort should be kept in mind while its initial stage of training. Make sure your actions do not scare it out.

Ready to Socialize

In the fourth month, you will be aware of your dog's persona. Let the people be nice to your doggy be around it. Play with your dog as much as possible to develop its daily routine. Teeth will be growing at this age which can be unsettling for you and your pup. Thus, providing it with the right kind of chewing toys can help a lot. The pup could also get addicted to the toys as it would make them feel good. So, limit the champing habit of your puppy.

Reward it for its good behavior

Dog training will be much more fun in the initial stage if your beloved is being rewarded for it. You can prepare while giving it something to look forward to. Set a daily routine for your dog and it will be ready to oblige. Praise it and give your darling a treat when it completes a task. Keep it under control during its initial stage of training. Talk with it so that it gets to know your voice and touch properly. Play with its paws, rub it's stomach and groom it. This will definitely create a good aura. Furthermore, do not forget to give your love and pampering too.

Spay your dog!

Your pup will be looking like a grown-up dog during the sixth month. Like an adult, your dog can be moody and at the same time be unpredictable. It will be hard for you to manage it for your entire six month age. That being said, your puppy is still on its way to adulthood and the sixth month is just the beginning of it.

So, you will see the heat if it has not been spayed yet. You can now get it spayed and do not get nervous as such spaying will decrease chances of certain diseases like cancer and other reproductive foods. Thus, it helps you stay healthy and fit.

Give It Some Solo Time

At some stage, your puppy needs to be left alone for a short period of time. Thus, leave it alone and try to reward it with a good food. Slowly increase the length of time and make your pup relish some time alone. Leave some toys for your dog so that it does not get bored. Also, take your dog for a walk every day.

By the end of a year, your pup should be well-trained. It will be a teenager who can be left outdoors too. Also, you can not only look at it, but you can also look at it as a grown-up dog now. Both of your bonding will be inseparable enough that your dog will turn out to be your new best friend. Above anything else, have fun with it. Puppies of all ages love to have a good time with their master. Finally, you'll definitely enjoy yourself up to the fullest!

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