See the 5 Most Popular Cat Kitten Breeds in The ALL OF US

Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The US4

See the 5 Most Popular Cat Kitten Breeds in The ALL OF US

We recently posted about the 20 most popular cat brands in the US. Thus when we stumbled across the most popular cat breeds in the US, we understood we had to cover it! The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has created a set of the breeds that cat fanciers fancy most. The list will be based upon data collected from the CFA’s registration files and includes a massive 42 different kinds of pet cats!

Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The US

We know that no two cats are likewise. And while they can share some common personality traits, each cat is a unique and amazing individual. So what makes these breeds so special? Let’s look into some of the reason why these five feline breeds might be so popular! Bonus: there are cute cat photographs to scroll through.

1. Spectacular Shorthair Kitty
Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The US

Exotic Shorthairs are essentially known as “shorthaired Persians” or the “Lazy People’s Persian, ” often chosen over the latter breed because their short clothes require less grooming. Acknowledged for their round, snuggly bear faces and substantial, expressive eyes, Exotic Shorthairs are quite a dazzling feline to look at. From their rounded brain, rounded bodies, and large, round eyes, “round” is probably the easiest way to describe this rotund cat. They are also known for their calm, delicate dispositions.

2. Ragdoll

Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The US

Just like the long-haired Maine Coon Feline, Ragdolls are a breed known for their friendly personalities, silky fur, and an unusual penchant for being held. Described as the supreme lap cat, Ragdolls are recognized for actually liking to be organized – which isn’t great to other cat dog breeds, as other cats of all shapes and sizes enjoy being held as well! By themselves terms, of course. The breed gets its name from the tendency of the first few litters of cats to go limp and relaxed when found, like little ragdolls.


3. United kingdom Shorthair

Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The US4

These stunning overcast cats are as the English language as they come! A person serves them tea and scones, though. These gentle, cherub-cheeked felines are known for their easy-going personas and plush fur. The British Shorthair is one of the world’s most ancient cat breeds, stemming from cats imported to Ancient Rome from Ancient Egypt. The Romans then took these cats with them when they invaded Great Great Britain in 43 CE. And the rest is hiss-tory! Interestingly enough, this breed almost went extinct on planet War I and II as cat fanciers in Britain stopped breeding them. But this tenaciously lovely breed has bounced again and is actually #3 in popularity!

4. Persian


Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The USThese kinds of cats will be more than just their large, striking sight and glamorous coats! Besides their long, flowing hair and darling faces, Persians are also known for calm, sweet demeanors. Local cats first became popular in the Victorian time. They may have always been bred to have short, snub-nosed faces, but with time those features have become exaggerated. Unfortunately, this has led to some health issues in the Persian breed. Persians are sometimes known to be a little bit high maintenance and require frequent grooming, but their glamour and purr-sonality mixed are the particular this breed so popular.


5. Maine Coon Cat

Check Out The 5 Most Popular Cat Breeds in The US

Referred to as “the dogs of the kitten world” and “gentle leaders, ” Maine Coon Cat’s are known for their big personalities – and even larger sizes! Maine Coons are one of the major breeds of a home cat: they can develop up to a record of 48 inches in length and weigh up to 30 – thirty-five pounds. Large Maine Coons can actually overlap long with Eurasian lynxes and are often confused for bobcats in the ALL OF US. And due to their rather friendly, affectionate character, these cats are excellent family cats. Sociable and playful yet gentle and packed with fluff, Maine Coons are great to acquire around kids.

While purebred or pedigreed cats are simply just stunning, we always want to remind our readers that there are shelter cats and kittens that are just as deserving of a permanently home as a full-blood kitty! In fact, purebreds often conclude in animal shelters, despite their popularity.



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