Pet Health Insurance for Cats

Pet Health Insurance for Cats
Pet Health Insurance for Cats
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Pet Health Insurance for Cats

The cost of health insurance for your cat can vary widely, depending on a number of factors like breed or lifestyle. If your purebred cat is genetically prone to blindness, for example, you might pay higher premiums for pet care insurance.

Outdoor cats are notoriously susceptible to injury from fights. However, if your cat is litter trained and never goes outside, you’ll easily find a pet insurance company that will offer you lower health care premiums.

Pet Health Insurance: Cats and Catastrophes

Although cats, especially indoor cats, rarely run out in front of moving cars and land on their feet when jumping from high ledges, other possible accidents make getting pet insurance a reasonable idea.

Ask these cat lovers. Without pet health insurance for cats, they’d be facing a heavy debt load or the loss of years’ worth or savings:

Eats String

Caroline’s beloved Snowy is a typical cat, driven by curiosity above all else. When Snowy swallowed a piece of string, Caroline had a real emergency on her hands. She took Snowy to the vet who advised her to avoid pulling the string out because that could injure Snowy’s digestive tract. Pet insurance for cats made the crucial vet visit affordable. As it turns out, the string had to be removed by the vet because it had made its way all the way through Snowy’s intestines!

Nibbles Poisonous Plans

Wallace is very attached to Aristotle, his purebred Persian. Wallace is also fond of plants. In a disastrous encounter, Aristotle nibbled on one of Wallace’s poisonous houseplants and had to be taken to emergency for stomach pumping, a cost that could have been devastating without pet insurance.

Contracts Leukemia

Pittypat is Andie’s beloved tabby. When her kitty was diagnosed with feline leukemia, Andie was glad that she had pet care insurance for Pittypat as she could never have afforded the costly treatments otherwise.

Develops Tumor

The growth on Furball’s ribs worried Janice. Her cat had never been sick in all of her fourteen years. Fortunately, the tumor was non-cancerous, but Janice couldn’t even have afforded the costs of the diagnostics without pet health insurance for cats.

Requires General Care

Basil and Rathbone are just two of Marcia and Pete’s five active cats. Besides needing their annual shots, each Siamese cat requires regular nail trims, flea prevention and heartworm medication, ear mite inspections and dental work. Recently, Basil had a severe urinary tract infection and Rathbone sustained injuries when a neighbor’s dog jumped the fence and attacked him. Marcia and Pete would be at a loss to pay for medical care if they didn’t have a pet health insurance plan specifically for households with multiple cats.

Pet Care Insurance Options for Cat Owners

Health care plans for cats come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your cat’s needs. You might opt for lower premiums and higher deductibles. However, deductibles are also specific to individual plans. Some deductibles are applied once per incident, while others apply once per the calendar year.

You can opt for full coverage that includes emergency care and costs related to chronic illnesses or optional coverage for health maintenance costs, such as vaccinations and annual checkups.

Some plans offer tenant insurance that pays for any damage to a rental. This is particularly important if yours is the type of cat who is apt to spray when upset or mark territory when strangers come to visit.

Yet, it is important to keep in mind that not all cats are eligible for insurance. If your cat has a pre-existing condition or is more than fifteen years old, your cat may be denied coverage or you may have to pay fairly steep premiums. Consequently, you’d be wise to decide early on in your cat’s life whether pet care insurance is a good idea for your cat.

There are several reputable national providers of pet health insurance. VPI is one of the nation’s leading providers. For more information on specific health insurance plans for your pet.

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