Moving House with Easing Cat

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Moving House with Easing Cat


Moving House with Easing Cat
Moving House with Easing Cat

If you are moving home and have a number of pets, it can be a little tricky to settle them into their new environment.

Cats especially, are incredibly independent animals and spend a lot of their time outside, on their own. They rely on their own sense of direction to help then return to the property.

Method of Easing a Cat

One method of easing a cat into their new home is to apply a small amount of butter onto their paws. Now there is no definitive proof that this works, but animal lovers have been doing it for some time and it seems to work or it could simply be a coincidence. The butter leaves a small scent on the cat’s previous tracks, allowing them to use their great sense of smell to follow the trail back home.

By using this method it also suggests that the butter applied acts as a distraction for the cat. This can help them to settle into their new home and remain stress-free. The cat will spend more time licking the butter from his/her paws, and appear to not realize that they have changed a location

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