Living Room Cats for Book Lovers!

Living Room Cats for Book Lovers!
Living Room Cats for Book Lovers!
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Living Room Cats for Book Lovers!

Living Room Cats for Book Lovers!

living room cats, Your Architects design a vertical home filled with special accommodation for an artist-poet couple and their two shy cats in Brooklyn, New York… Finding interesting ways to carve out ample daylight and infuse color into their abode, the architects have chiseled spaces for each of the family members to live, work and display the extensive collection of art and books; carving out seamless spaces for their inquisitive cats too, to languidly navigate through or escape from unexpected guests.

The layout is configured as an open, airy 20 x 50 x 10 ft. tall primary living space on the parlor floor lined with a full-length bookshelf cum art wall and lounge space on one side along with a skylight at the center. Shelves project to create steps for the cats to climb up to a continuous open ledge, whilst trap doors allow them access to rooms above either end of the house. Niches with tones of Benjamin Moore’s melon popsicle house the owners’ eclectic collection of artifacts and books.

The parlor floor is organized into four separate areas:

living room cats, media room, dining area, and kitchen that pinwheel around a ‘functional wall’ floating in space. Screening the kitchen from living room cats, it creates the hallway on one side to contain storage and access to the basement and defines the media room seating on the other.

The studio occupies the rear end on the top floor with a balcony for quick work-breaks. The elevated skylit “nest” in the corner provides for a concealed, cozy space to write and think.

Downstairs is a “cat-free zone” intended for guests with a workout space in the front and a guest suite at the rear end. The all-white interior envelope metaphorically alludes to a white artist canvas and is anointed with pops of color in the upholstery, with yellow columns and green bench… keeping it bright and inviting; tying the space to the rest of the house and your Gardens Nursery.


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