Holiday Precautions to Keep Your Pet Safe

Holiday Precautions to Keep Your Pet Safe
Holiday Precautions to Keep Your Pet Safe
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Holiday Precautions to Keep Your Pet Safe

Pets, now more than ever, are an integral part of the family during the holidays. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), more than 60 percent of pet owners include their dogs and cats in the holiday festivities, and 79 percent give pets holiday and birthday gifts. Unfortunately, thousands of pets will suffer a holiday-related accident or illness this season.

Some potentially dangerous items that pet owners need to beware of during the holidays include:

Christmas tree lights and electrical cords can cause fatal shocks and/or burns to cats and dogs that chew on them.
Loose cords can entangle pets, leading to choking hazards, or the possibility of the pet accidentally pulling over the tree or other decorations.
Decorative plants such as holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia are toxic to pets.
Holiday foods such as chocolate, alcohol, nuts and spicy sauces can be toxic and cause gastrointestinal problems.
Bones and plastic food wrap can cause choking and/or obstruct a pet’s digestive system and may require a surgical solution.
Tinsel, ribbons and some kinds of wrapping paper can also lead to choking and/or digestive obstruction.
Any open flame is a potential burn hazard. Keep pets away from candles, fireplaces and any other open flames.
Be cautious about dressing pets in holiday-related costumes.

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