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  1. I can't believe this. You let this cat live this way for years, apparently, and only tried to help AFTER the dogs got him? You watched people turn their hoses on him for years, and throw things at him, and OH MY GOD you watched them SHUT THEIR DOORS ON HIS PAWS??? Without doing anything about it? What the hell is wrong with you? Did you participate in this torture? Either way, you suck.

    And now you're on here asking people to think you're some spiritual person because you picked him up long after it was too late? I say delete this self-serving video and go give money and time to your nearest animal shelter. Again, you really suck. Do not adopt an animal, you aren't to be trusted to take actual care of them left to your own devices.

    By the way it's particularly sick how you are manipulating the emotions of the viewers with the music. You make people think that it's all going to turn around, the poor cat is going to the vet and will live a nice life now, when that upbeat music comes on . . . but no, only more pain and finally death, with you not even TRYING to take him to the vet. What an asshole.

    And all the sappy morons who think somehow that this is sweet, because this sad horrible story of pain and suffering makes it through your numb exterior and makes you feel something? You're just as sick, you sadistic mental cases. Go get help.


  2. Gee, person who wrote this, did it ever occur to you to help him before he was mauled to death??? I mean, he was obviously living a life of pure hell! His blood and suffering is on your hands as well as everyone else who turned their backs on him. Enjoy hell.

  3. thank you so much for sharing this story with us-it gave me a chance to think about showing compassion, and treating others the way you would like to be treated.just like you said, Ugly is scarred on the outside, but he is the most beautiful on the inside.I've learned many other lessons from this vid you posted, and i'd like to thank you again for that.btw, i was glad it died with at least one compassionate/loving person like you:))

  4. How could people just walk by. I could never leave an injured or distressed animal. Just goes against my nature. I’m glad though that there are people out there that feels the same way i do. Big up’s to the person who did. Thank you ❤️

  5. Through it's short painful life Ugly just wanted love. I'm so happy he had it in the end. I cried for him. But Ugly is whole n happy St Rainbow Bridge. People who where cruel shame on you. God judges you!

  6. I was thinking and hoping he lived. What a sad story…..he didn't look ugly to me. Shame for those mean people. Can't imagine being that cruel to a poor little cat. I'm so glad you went and held him and he died with someone.

  7. You waited too long. You sewm to have wanted a story for youtube. You are just as sick and twisted as well as un-compassionate as those that left "ugly" to their brutal fate. Amd the cheerful jingle!!! Fuck that. I have no compassion for the truly soulless.

  8. I will cry for my whole life that was the best and I agree with everything you said! I will have to do this too this needs to be spread across the world. This is what people need to see to feel to hear. All the bullies, teachers, poor kids, suffering people. Everyone should learn how inportant it is to love someone or to trust. Or be trustworthy. No matter how you look. Have love. Have a heart. This is my words or my thoughts. Now (imma go cry in my bed for the rest of my life)


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