Devon Rex Cat Breed – Ring Up the Curtain

Devon Rex Cat Breed
Devon Rex Cat Breed
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Devon Rex Cat Breed – Ring Up the Curtain

Rex cats For Excellent

Rex cats make excellent pets. Their curly-coated charisma invariably charms all those exposed to their impish ways. For these fascinating felines have an offbeat style that is all their own. They are true cats for those who cherish the unusual.

Over the years there have been a variety of Rex cats evolve around the world, including the German Rex, Oregon Rex, Ohio Rex and more recently the Selkirk Rex. However, it is the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex which have gained by far the greatest recognition and popularity.Rex Cat

Although tales of curly-coated cats circulated throughout the west of England for many years, it was not until 1950 that the first one was officially documented. Two farm cats living near Bodmin Moor in Cornwall produced a curly-coated kitten (subsequently called Kallibunker) from an otherwise unremarkable litter. Fortunately, the owner had previously bred and shown Astrex rabbits (which have the same characteristic rex coat type) so she understood the significance of this spontaneous genetic mutation – which heralded the start of the Cornish Rex breed.

Ten years later, in the adjoining county, another curly-coated kitten appeared in a litter produced by two domestic shorthaired cats. Again, although coming from ordinary “moggies”, the kitten in question (called Kirlee) looked like it was of a foreign breed. Naturally, this cat from Devon was assumed to be the same as that originating in Cornwall, but when Kirlee was mated to Kallibunker’s descendants, on each occasion only straight-coated kittens resulted. It was subsequently realized that the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex each possessed different genes for curly coats – and were, in fact, two separate “breeds”.

The Cornish Rex is a quaint but chic-looking cat, having a long narrow head with a prominent Roman nose, large flared ears set high on the head and an arched, muscular body rather akin to that of a Greyhound. Its spectacular crimped coat looks and feels like cut velvet. This charming and chatty feline fashion-plate makes a distinctive and decorative addition to any household prepared to give it the affection it craves. Its playful personality and boundless curiosity make it an enchanting companion for children, plus it will happily co-exist with other pets.

The Devon Rex is a feline version of “E.T.” Its short wide-cheeked face, huge lowset batwing ears, and delicately sculpted body – combined with its devilish sense of mischief – give it a pixie-like persona. The Devon’s curly coat feels much like suede or brushed corduroy. Truly a monkey in cat’s clothing, this people-loving puss likes to climb, explore and lark about – even wagging its tail when pleased!

Although there are some obvious differences between the two (such as the Cornish coat being softer and wavier, plus it’s head shape less extreme) both breeds share a marvelous mix of common denominators.

Their low-allergenic “Poodle” type coat means that many asthma or allergy sufferers who may not otherwise have been able to enjoy the company of feline friends can now do so. The Rex’s distinctive jacket is extremely low maintenance but it is delicate – requiring a gentle touch. As it does not afford the same protection as a normal coat, these cats do need to be kept warm and dry. To compensate for their lack of guard hairs, the Cornish and Devon Rex have a slightly higher surface body temperature than other breeds – making them a wonderful lap and foot warmers!

Super-smart character cats with the happy knack of totally engaging owners with their entertaining antics and quirky ways, Cornish and Devon Rex are obsessively affectionate to all those lucky enough to share a love affair with them. Owning, or being owned by, these highly individualistic breeds is indeed a colorful and captivating experience.


The Devon Rex Cat is an enchanting little gamin(e) that looks as if it was on the other end of the line when E.T. phoned home. Gigantic, extraterrestrial ears — low-slung and ultrawide at the base — ensure that this alert and the active cat doesn’t miss a dial tone anywhere in the universe.

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