Does Cat Food Homemade : What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Does Cat Food Homemade : What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
Does Cat Food Homemade : What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
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Does Cat Food Homemade: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

“Giving cat food homemade allows you to connect with him. “

Cat Food Homemade

Do you usually give treats to your cat? This is an asset because it allows a rapprochement with the animal. Indeed, this one chooses the individuals with whom he shares his food. By giving him a piece of your snack, you will show him that he is part of your family. This will lower the barriers between you and strengthen your bond of friendship. However, you must be very careful about the cat food homemade you give your little twink. Having a digestive tract different from that of a human, it can not digest them. It is therefore important to know the advantages and disadvantages of homemade cat treats.

“Potatoes, cabbages, and turnips promote fermentation in the cat’s stomach and cause diarrhea. “

There are many sites for cat food homemade

cat diet that recommend owners to ban cat food homemade. This is quite normal since this animal does not eat the same food like the man. Indeed, it happens sometimes that one gives him everything that one finds in the fridge in order to feed it, like pieces of ham, foie gras or cheese. You have to be very careful because some of these foods may not be suitable for your digestive tract. For example, there are potatoes, cabbages, and turnips. Do you know that these foods promote fermentation in their stomachs and cause diarrhea? Likewise, many fruits are forbidden to him. Among them is the lawyer who creates inflammation of the pancreas and the nuts causing digestive disorders. Some cats have trouble assimilating lactose, which gives them a stomach ache after drinking milk. You probably think that from this moment, more homemade snacks for the ball of hair. That would be unfair, for what could be better than a treat prepared by the hand of its owner?

“Canned food, especially canned tuna, is a real poison for the feline. “

If you decide to make cat food homemade

Make sure that you concoct the greed of your pet yourself, be sure to stay alert. Recipe ideas that are easy to make are numerous. First, there is the fried fish with vegetable oil then the minced meat marinated in a sauce or just the steak cooked well, not too hard. In case the desire to give tuna to the cat is present, it is best to buy it fresh and simmer several hours. Canned foods, especially canned tuna, are poisonous for the cat. Vegetables green beans and carrots are among the most nutritious. The caloric intake of these foods is ideal for the metabolism of cats. While cooking, take advantage of these moments to bond with your little companion. Playing with him will encourage a better confidence in the feline which will push him to accept all foods from his master.

But although it’s cat food homemade, it’s not good to give too much to the cat. The reason is that the cat will become accustomed to it and may refuse other foods. In addition, too many sweets could lead to weight problems in animals, especially if the animal does not practice a lot of physical exercises. Giving treats 2 to 3 times a week would be ideal with a ration of 30 g to 50 g. It is also good to know that if unfortunately the animal shows signs of intolerance to different types of food or gets sick and weak for various reasons, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.


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