Bengal Cat – Characteristics and Character

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The Bengal cat is becoming one of the most popular cats in the United States where it originated. Even with this, however, they are still vastly underappreciated.



  1. Next to the Bombay and maybe the Egyptian Mau this is probably my favourite cat breed, especially since they form those close bonds with humans (they are more like dogs than most cats, while still not being as servile and willing to please as dogs 🙂 )

  2. I am against making hybrids and spoiling the cats genome! Let's look what makes with health of Ligers or what the inbreeding in captivity makes to majestic tigers? It results in "white Tigers" which don't exist in the wild and they are often susceptible to diseases!

  3. I've had Ronin for 6 mos now (12/4/17 DOB) LOOOOVE HIM! The only way I would've known is to have raised him myself. Mischievous so BENGAL PROOF THE HOUSE (not just cat proof) but so smart you don't even get mad. I don't see myself ever living without one!

  4. Have a neutered male and he is the best cat ever. He needs attention and if you don’t give it to him he will get into your business and force you to deal with him. He spends much of the day harassing the dog or playing with whatever catches his eye. If you want a cat that lives to play and gets into everything then the Bengal is probably a good match. If you’d prefer a lazy cat that you can ignore the Bengal isn’t a good choice.

  5. My Bengal female passed away from hypotrophic cardiomyopathy at 18 years old. She was highly intelligent and followed me around the house and also slept in my bed. She was very jealous of my Siamese and Oriental cats and would lash out at the oriental on occasions if she felt she wasn't receiving enough of my attention. I absolutely loved her unconditionally as she loved me.


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