Alley Cat Allies | From the Field: Alley Cat Allies Connects With Animal Control Officers in Denver

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Hi everyone,

We say it all the time: Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a mainstream practice throughout the country and the world. We are seeing more people and communities than ever before.

This was the National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA) Training Conference in Denver two weeks ago. Alley Cat Allies attended by Animal Control Officers (ACOs) NACA on its 40th anniversary.

Here I am with National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA) President Rob Leinberger, after he accepted an award I presented on behalf of Alley Cat Allies for NACA's 40th anniversary.

Every year at this conference, we see stronger support for TNR and community cats from the animal control and sheltering community. It is not just a small group of people in the world of animal sheltering world that they advocate for ACRs.

As a member of NACA, this conference, and its audience, is very important to me. I understand animal control officers' questions and concerns about TNR, and work to help them become believers in TNR, just like I did. As Alley Cat Allies 'Associate Director of Animal Shelter and Animal Control Commitment, I frequently work with animal shelter officials, ACOs, advocates, and elected officials to help them implement TNR and other programs that save lives' lives.

I had a busy but inspiring week of meetings and other conference events. It was great to chat with people and help them to learn more about how to save their lives.

The resources of Alley Cat Allies have been selected for the past two years, and we have had a number of years of experience. Those resources help ACOs and shelter staff identify them so they can be more easily returned to their homeowners if they are impounded.

Alley Cat Allies also presented NACA with an award to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Alley Cat Allies is proud to have a strong partnership with NACA. Together, we can ensure that you are protected around the globe.

We count on organizations like NACA to support our efforts to help cats. We could not do without lifesaving work without them.

Until next time,

Alice Burton
Associate Director of Animal Shelter & Animal Control Commitment, Alley Cat Allies

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