7 Mistakes cat owners make

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No matter how popular cats are due to their independence, caring for a cat is something that needs to be done correctly in order to avoid behavioral issues, as they need attention too. However, there are many people that don’t know how to care for a cat correctly, or make mistakes when doing so. This is why AnimalWised would like to show you these seven mistakes cat owners make, or many of them do, if not informed accordingly. Don’t miss out on this new cat video and discover if you’re making any of these mistakes when caring for your cat.

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  1. I just adopted a stray cat a few weeks ago! He is around a year and few months old, and since i've never had a cat before this and i am very confused… does vaccine really important? One of my cousin's cat died because it can't stand the vaccine:(

  2. I think a lot of people don't treat their cats like dogs enough! If you've seen some of the "misbehaved" cats in Jackson Galaxy's show a lot of them just aren't being engaged with. People think they are too aloof and independent, but cats do generally enjoy being engaged with in playtime and can even be taken out for a walk on a leash. Cats are also far easier to train than people think, the cats you see in movies are trained cats.

  3. Why do cat food manufacturers even make dry food for cats? It is horrifying how many do not know that dry food kills cats slowly over the course of many years, eventually leading to kidney failure and inevitably, death. It is so common that vets don't even bother telling people that dry food is definitely a no-no.

    This should have been #1 on your list.

  4. Excellent Video,, all that was in this vid,, is what I do. They do miss you when you are gone for a vacation. I learned that last year when I went on vacation for 2 weeks, I left her in her own environment,, along with the greatest care,,, however when I returned home, I got a welcome from my big girl that I had never seen. They are caring,,, however sometimes do not show it at all times. My Talia,, remains the QUEEN of the household.

  5. 1. Agree.
    2. Meh (different does not mean more difficult)
    3. Agree 100% (Who would take a cat before they are done feeding from there mother?)
    4. Horseshit/kinda The Rabies vaccine is incredibly important to any cat that will be outside. However the rest is mostly so that the GOV can tax you and your vet can make a lot of money off you.
    Alot of this depends on the type of owner you are (i grew up in a household where if the animal got sick/hurt and it cost more then 500$ they were taken around back and *ran away*.
    5. Agree (Always fix your pets. (Male cats will runaway to Tom if they are not fixed)
    6. No Comment since i have never had this problem with my cats. (Never seen with the ferals)
    7. Fix your cat and let them go outside or play with them more. This is circumstantial mind you but of the cats i have seen 20+ (mostly ferals) they are only fat if they are not active enough. I would say that if your cat is fat you need to try one of the first two options before considering medical reasons.

    I don't want to be taken for a cat expert but since cat's have been such a large part of my life i thought i would comment. I am not a Veterinarian so please take my words lightly, i am merely sharing my personal experience with felines so far. 20+ years, 4 indoor cats, 20+ ferals.

  6. Eight weeks old, minimum, unless it's a dire situation. This British accent is harsh. Difficult to understand, and youtube closed captioning is a joke. Agree with declawing. It's the equivalent of amputation.

  7. We got our baby before he was weened because his mom died but the lady who gave him too me also gave me powdered animal milk and a bottle for him so I could continue to bottle feed him for 2 weeks


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