5 Things Your Cat’s DNA Can Tell You and Why You Need to Know

5 Things Your Cat's DNA Can Tell You and Why You Need to Know
5 Things Your Cat's DNA Can Tell You and Why You Need to Know
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5 Things Your Cat’s DNA Can Tell You and Why You Need to Know

5 Things Your Cat's DNA Can Tell You and Why You Need to Know


Cat’s DNA; Getting a cat can be a lot of fun.

You get a cuddly, playful little four-legged friend to share your home with, and you watch them grow and change. You also get another life to be responsible for, and that is where the importance of knowing something about their past comes into play. That can sometimes be difficult when you adopt a cat from a rescue or you get a cat from a friend, who has no idea where their cat came from either. However, in today’s world, there is a new way to find out about your cat; have your cat’s DNA tested. The report allows you to learn things about your furry housemate that you can’t find out through a visit to your local vet.

Learn Why Your Cat’s Coat Is That Color

Cats DNA is an important way to figure out details about your cat race he or she can’t tell you. That includes the genes involved in the appearance and texture of your cat’s coat.

Find Out If Your Cat Is a Fancy Cat (not the food)

Cat genetics tell you that cats are over 96% related to tigers, which is something some people know and a lot of people believe. You only have to watch your cat stalk his or her prey once to see the lion ancestry. Meanwhile, you can find out interesting things like their relation to the so-called “fancy breeds,” which include the Abyssinian.

We Will Soon Know the Cat’s Entire Genetic Image

In an interesting turn of events, the 99 Lives Cat Whole Genome Sequencing Initiative started gathering DNA from cats all over the world in January of 2014. From that knowledge and the use of the newly formulated DNA test for cats, the sequencing of cat DNA will cease to be a mystery.

Learn What Illnesses to Watch For In Your Cat

Pet genetics has been a tricky business. For a lot of people, it is hard to tell who the parents were of the frisky feline that takes up residence in your home. Therefore, you take them to the vet and hope they stay healthy. When they start to show signs of sickness, it can take a lot of visits to that vet and a lot of tests to determine what is wrong with your furry friend and if there is a cure for that illness. Learning about your cat’s DNA can help make you aware of markers for illnesses that could be bad for your friend.

Learn What Region Your Cat Hails From

There are eight regions that a cat race can have a DNA-correlated connection to, and those are : Western Europe, South Asia, Egypt, Eastern Mediterranean, Arabian Sea, Iran/Iraq, India and East Asia. Find out if your cat shares the more common ancestry of coming from one of the first four regions or it is a throwback to a less common line that hails from one of the last four regions. It can be fun and very educational to find out this special information about your cat race.


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